Marvel Mega Bloks (Mega Construx) Iron Man and Spider-Man

Tony: Kid, are you sure you know what you are doing?
Peter: Don’t worry, Mr. Stark. I’ve got this!
Tony: (sigh)… Ok…I trust you, kid. Let’s go kick some villain butts!
Peter: Yeah!

About a month ago, I did a review of Mega Bloks Spider-Man minifigure. I have always been a fan of Mega Bloks (Mega Construx)’s minifigures, as they are very articulate and realistic. The Spider-Man minifigure above is from a Mega Bloks set that came out years ago (he is not from a blind bag).

Today, I will be doing a review of our favorite super hero of all time, Iron Man!
What’s that? Iron Man is not your favorite super hero? Well, I guess we can’t be friends then… 😀

Iron Man Mark 6 (Triangle Piece Arc Reactor)
Check out the silver coloring on his arms, along with red and gold. I love how detailed this minifigure is!
There’s a little bit of silver on his legs as well.

This particular minifigure is from Mega Bloks Marvel Super Heroes Series 1 that came out about 9 years ago. That’s right, 9 years ago!

As you can see, the details on this minifigures are amazing. I love the combination of gold, silver, and red on his suit.

I will be doing more reviews of Mega Construx minifigures, sets, as well as Lego, of course. So stay tuned!

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