Lego 71031 Minifigures Marvel Studios Review

Hey ToyNerds! Can you believe it is September 2021 already? Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us!

But, before that, let’s celebrate and take a look at one of the most anticipated Lego Minifigures Series: Lego 71031 Minifigures Marvel Studios!

The series comes with 12 figures and each retails for $4.99.

We managed to get all 12 characters and here are some close up pictures for each of them.

Lego Marvel Minifigures Characters

Lego Marvel Minifigures Blind Bag

Let’s start with the most favorite character from this series:

Captain America (Sam Wilson)

This figure has got to be the most intricate of them all. From all the detailed printing on the arms and legs, to the wings, to the shield, and to Redwing!

A very fantastic figure indeed!

Zombie Hunter Spidey

Again, the theme for this minifigures series seems to be “awesome, detailed printings everywhere!”.

Zombie Captain America

Captain Carter

This one is pretty interesting. The 1×1 Lego brick that comes with her, is supposed to be the Tesseract. And it is uniquely colored! Take a look!


Scarlett Witch

Winter Soldier

Love love love the left arm on this guy!

Gamora with the Blade of Thanos

Loki with Throg (Frog Thor)

Throg? Yes, please!

Sylvie with Alligator Loki

T’Challa Star-Lord

Monica Rambeau

BONUS Review: Throg and Alligator Loki

Here’s a close-up look on these 2 cute characters:

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