Mega Construx Black Series Dutch vs. Predator Review

Mega Construx Black Series Dutch vs. Predator is now available for purchase. It retails for $9.99.

We managed to get 1 set to review for you guys!

First of all, the Predator minifigure is pretty similar to the earlier version, which we also did a review for.

The only difference is this new Predator has glow-in-the-dark eyes!

Let’s unpack this beautiful set:

The packaging is pretty similar to the other Mega Construx sets such as: Halo Master Chief vs. Arbiter and Halo Master Chief vs. Brute Warrior.

The set comes with quite a bit of accessories:

The checklist/instruction manual:

Predator now comes with a laser beam!

Here are some close up pictures for each minifigure:

As you guys know, Mega Construx minifigures are very articulate, which makes them really poseable and fun to take pictures with.

Check out our favorite shots:

Dutch: “Not today!”
Dutch: “Hah! You missed!”
Dutch: “Good thing I am flexible!”
Predator: “What are you gonna do with that pink gun?”

There you have it, folks. We truly enjoyed this beautiful set (as you can see from all the poses we did lol).

We hope you guys are able to find this set at your local stores!

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