Lego 30454 Shang-Chi and the Great Protector Polybag Review

Happy Friday, toyNerds!

Hope you guys are off to a great weekend!

Today we will be reviewing a new Polybag that’s now hitting Lego stores and Walmart stores, Lego 30454 Shang-Chi and the Great Protector.
As usual, the price for this polybag is $4.99.

Let’s take a look:

The Great Protector is a pretty awesome build. He has a lot of points of articulation, from the head, mouth, horns, body, arms, legs, tail, etc. The joins are mostly done with the ball joint type of connection, so each joint can pretty much move 360 degrees.

Shang-Chi comes with 2 faces: the fighting face and the normal face:

Here are some close-ups of the Great Protector:

Overall, we think this polybag is definitely worth the price point ($4.99). It is also a fun build.

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