Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 15 Review

Happy Sunday, toyNerds! We hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!

Today we will be looking at the brand new series from Mega Construx Halo Heroes, which is Series 15. Can you believe that we are already at Series 15?

Before we know it, Mega Construx Halo Heroes will be catching up to Lego Minifigures Series!

As usual, the lineup has 5 characters:

  1. HDP48 Agent Locke
  2. HDP49 Spartan Linda-058
  3. HDP50 Ramos (ODST)
  4. HDP51 Decimus
  5. HDP52 Light of Sanghelios

The packaging for this series is a little bit better. Instead of the normal flimsy cardboard for the card, this time, it is sturdier and better quality.

Each pack also has a perforation at the bottom for easy opening. But honestly, the perforation is not that necessary as the back of the card can be easily opened.

The checklist that comes with each pack is pretty simplistic.

Now let’s take a look at all these 5 characters, shall we?

1. HDP48 Agent Locke

Agent Locke is probably the most different of all the characters that we have seen from the Halo Heroes line. He doesn’t have much of an armor but he does look pretty cool. The details on this figure is pretty amazing. From the head and face, to the biceps on his arms.

2. HDP49 Spartan Linda-058

Spartan Linda-058 comes with an awesome sniper rifle.

The helmet also looks interesting.

A closeup look at the rifle:

3. HDP50 Ramos (ODST)

4. HDP51 Decimus

Decimus has appeared in the previous series. He was first introduced in Halo Heroes Series 3.

But this series definitely comes with a greater detail, especially in the face.

His weapon is also pretty detailed:

5. HDP51 Light of Sanghelios

This character is probably the most sought after character from this series. He resembles Elite Honor Guard from Halo Heroes series 3.

The gold plate coloring on his armor is just awesome!

His weapon is pretty cool too:

And, the helmet is also removable. Pretty cool!

There you have it folks!

We hope you enjoyed our review of Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 15!

Have a great week ahead!

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