Hatchimals Colleggtibles Wilder Wings Review – Super Chase Wildest Pandoor

Happy Thursday, Hatchifans! As we reported earlier, Hathimals Colleggtibles Wilder Wings are now available in stores and we were actually lucky enough to find the Super Chase figure: Wildest Pandoor!

There is an easy way to find this Super Chase figure, that is, to look at the type of wings that each package contains. Now granted, since this figure is a Super Chase figure, it will still be very hard to find it.

The wings are categorized differently, depending on their styles, shapes, and materials. The Wildest Pandoor’s wings are categorized as “fabric”.

Let’s look at the checklist for this series:

This series comes with a small number of Ultra Rare (only 4) and Limited Edition (only 2) figures.

Now let’s review what we got in the package:

Now here is the Wildest Pandoor:

The other 2 characters were categorized as Common. We honestly expected that, since no one wouldn’t put more than 1 hard to find figure in the same package. That wouldn’t make sense, business wise.

We hope you enjoy this review of the Super Chase figure from the latest Hatchimals Colleggtibles series. Happy Hunting!

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