Micro Machines Transformers Mystery Pack Series 1 Review (1B-02 Optimus Prime)

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Today we will be reviewing a new Micro Machines series that just came out recently: Micro Machines Transformers Mystery Pack Series 1!

This blind pack series essentially gives you the opportunity to get either a playset, a normal vehicle, or a Transformer! Each mystery pack retails for $8.99

Each pack has a code at the bottom:

Let’s start unboxing!

Each pack comes with a sticker sheet, a Decepticon/Autobot detector, an instruction manual, and a vehicle (or a playset).

Here is the checklist:

Based on the checklist above, the Micro Machines Transformers Mystery Pack Series 1 codes are:

  • 1A 01 – Adventure Racing Truck.1A 02 – Cliffjumper
  • 1B 01 – Optimus Prime
  • 1B 02 – ROTF Megatron
  • 2A 01 – Food Truck
  • 2A 02 – 2019 BMW M6 Cabrio
  • 2B 01 – Nemesis Prime
  • 2B 02 – Sideswipe
  • 3A 01 – Private Jet
  • 3A 02 – Starscream
  • 3B 01 – 2019 BMW M6 Cabrio (different color?)
  • 3B 02 – 2005 Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Now let’s the review begin!

The Playset

The playset that we got was Playset B. The weird part was, the whole thing was not assembled correctly.

We had to disassemble it and re-assemble it to make it look exactly like the instruction sheet.

After it has been re-assembled, we then applied the stickers for it:

The Transformer

We got 1B-02 which means we got Optimus Prime!

As expected of Micro Machines, the quality of this is pretty good.

The interesting part is the Decepticon/Autobot detector tool. If you look at the bottom of each of these, you will see a logo that could be a Decepticon or an Autobot.

If you use the tool that’s provided, you can “decode” which Transformer it truly is.

Overall Review

We think for $8.99, it is actually a pretty good deal to get a Transformer (if you pick the right code) and a playset.

The details are pretty good as well and the playability is decent.

Another cool thing is, you can simply pack everything up and put all the pieces back in the “box”.

What do you guys think?

Would you buy this to add to your collection?

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