Lego Minifigures Series 22 Favorite Characters Review

Happy Saturday, toyNerds! Today we are going to look at several of our favorite Lego Minifigures Series 22 characters: Racoon Costume Fan, Chili Costume Fan, Horse and Groom, Snow Guardian, and Forest Elf.

Chili Costume Fan

This minifigure comes with 2 accessories: a hair piece (surprise!) and a carton of milk. She comes with 2 facial expressions as well.

The hair piece is a fiery red short hair. Pretty cool! One of the facial expressions is the face of someone who has eaten very spicy food, with sweats dropping!

Snow Guardian

We like this minifigure because he comes with a dog and a unique neck accessory.

Take a look at the accessories that come with this minifigure.

He also has 2 facial expressions: smiling/chill and serious/angry.

Racoon Costume Fan

She is definitely going to be a lot of people’s favorite character from this series. We did a short review of her yesterday (link: and today we are doing a closer look on her.

As we mentioned yesterday, we were surprised to find out she was actually an old lady!

She also comes with 2 accessories and 2 facial expressions.

Horse and Groom

This minifigure is also pretty unique. He comes with 2 accessories and 1 of them is a horse!

We also love how the arms are painted!

Forest Elf

Last one for today’s review is the Forest Elf. He comes with a stick and a cute mushroom.

His acorn hat and leaf-shaped cape are also the main reasons why we think he is a cool character to collect.

And lastly, check out his cute mushroom buddy!

What do you guys think? Have you been able to find them in the wild? Comment below!

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