Lego 71031 Marvel Collectible Minifigures Officially Revealed

Lego has officially revealed the new Marvel Collectible Minifigures (Lego 71031) that will be released in September 2021. The lineup will include 12 characters that

Sembo Block Gramophone Bluetooth Music Player Review

Happy almost Friday, toyNerds! Today we will be reviewing a unique set from Sembo Block: Gramophone Bluetooth Music Player! This is essentially a Bluetooth speaker

Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Advent Calendar Revealed!

Howdy, ToyNerds! Something exciting is brewing in the Mega Construx Masters of the Universe world: an Advent Calendar set! What got us excited is the

Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 12 Marine Sniper Review

Happy Monday, toyNerds! Hope you all are doing well. Today we will be reviewing the coolest character (in our opinion, of course) from Mega Construx

Keeppley Doraemon K20402 – Nobita’s Room Review

Happy Weekend, Doraemon fans! We found Doraemon construction toy sets and we are so excited to review one of them for you: Nobita’s Room set!

Mega Construx Black Series Heroes Predator (GPH83) and Sam Fisher (GPH84) Review

Happy Thursday, toy nerds! Mega Construx just recently released a brand new Black Series Predator (GPH83) and Splinter Cell Blacklist Sam Fisher (GPH84). We are

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