Mega Construx Halo Banished Garrison Pack Review

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Today we will reviewing an exciting Mega Construx Halo set that has been very popular since the first release: Mega Construx HDP61 Halo Banished Garrison Pack!

This set retails for $19.99 and is available on Amazon for a while (it’s since been sold out for a while), Target (sporadically available online), and Walmart (still available online).

It comes with 6 minifigures, with the Brute Chieftain in gold plated armor being the main show here.

Here are all the characters that come with the set:

  1. UNSC Marine
  2. Spartan Trailblazer
  3. Grunt Mule
  4. Brute Chieftain
  5. Brute Warrior
  6. Elite Mercenary

Let’s take a look at the set as a whole:

We love how each character gets an accessory and some even get more than 1!

Here is the complete set:

Now let’s take a look at each of the character individually.

1. UNSC Marine

This character is probably the 2nd coolest one out of the set (can you guess who the coolest character is?). He comes with a helmet that can be removed, a weapon called Hydra, a backpack, a grenade (super cool) and a rocket launcher.

2. Spartan Trailblazer

Next we have Spartan Trailblazer. From what we can tell, there’s really nothing special about this one. This character comes with a weapon called Commando Rifle.

3. Grunt Mule

Grunt Mule is pretty cool, because he comes with a lot of accessories. His weapons are: Shock Rifle x2, Plasma Pistol, Spike Grenade. His armor and his helmet can also be removed to reveal his face.

Look at that handsome face! He needs to smile more though, don’t you agree? 🙂

4. Brute Warrior

This character also comes with more than 1 accessory. His weapons are: Spike Grenade, Mangler, and a jetpack. His helmet can also be removed to reveal his face.

5. Elite Mercenary

Elite Mercenary only comes with 1 weapon: the Plasma Rifle. His armor is all red and his helmet can also be removed to reveal his face.

6. Brute Chieftain

If you guessed that the Brute Chieftain is the coolest character out of this set, then you were correct! This character is most probably why this set is highly sought after. He comes with a golden armor and the Gravity Hammer. And yes, you guessed it, his helmet can also be removed to reveal his face… 🙂

There you have it, guys! Hope you enjoyed our review of this set. Which character is your most favorite? Comment below!

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