Mega Bloks 91248 Marvel Super Heroes Blind Bags Ultra Rare Figures

Continuing our review of Mega Bloks Marvel blind bags series, today we will be looking at the Ultra Rare figures from each series. Here is

Marvel Mega Bloks (Mega Construx) Iron Man and Spider-Man

Tony: Kid, are you sure you know what you are doing?Peter: Don’t worry, Mr. Stark. I’ve got this!Tony: (sigh)… Ok…I trust you, kid. Let’s go

Marvel Mega Bloks (Mega Construx) Iron Man and War Machine

Happy Memorial Day, guys! I was cleaning up my picture folders and found a minifigure photography of one of my favorite super hero duos of

Mega Bloks Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Review

Hey y’all! Welcome or welcome back to our site! Today I will be reviewing Mega Bloks / Mega Construx Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man minifigure from