Magic Mixies Mixlings Powers Unleashed Series Collector’s Cauldron Unboxing and Review

The weekend is almost here, guys! We hope you will be able to unwind and get some quality times with your loved ones this weekend.

In the USA, this Sunday is the Super Bowl Sunday! Just like with toys and collectibles, some people are super excited about Super Bowl, some people are like “meh”… haha

Earlier, we posted the Magic Mixies Mixlings Powers Unleashed Series Collector’s Guide/Checklist for you so you can quickly check what family/class the character you got is from, and how rare it is.

We actually opened 1 collector’s cauldron ourselves and we are not sure which character it is! It is not listed on the collector’s guide!

We know that it is from the Charmling family, but it is not on the list.

This bunny looking character changes the color of its body when it is exposed to hot water or cold water, which is super cool!

Hot water makes its body transparent, and you can see some tiny stars inside its belly. Cold water makes its body turn solid purple, somewhat hiding the tiny stars.

And here is the checklist for Charmlings.

As you can see, the character we got is not listed on it (though it kinda looks like Ashu, but not really). What do you think it is? Comment below!

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