Zuru Rainbocorns Itzy Glitzy Suprise Revealed!

Zuru Rainbocorns came out with a 4-pack Hatchimals look alike recently. They are called the Itzy Glitzy Surprise.

Instead of the usual big “egg”, they now also have the small “eggs”

What’s different about this is of course, the “egg” or container is actually reusable.

Honestly though, we like Hatchimals non reusable egg idea, because just like a normal egg, once it hatches, the egg is gone and cannot be reused. Therefore, it’s more realistic that way.

We know some folks also like the reusable idea because we can simply put the creatures back in the eggs, and play again. And again. And again.

There’s definitely pros and cons for both sides. At any rate, this Itzy Glitzy also has the RARE category (the chase figures) as shown below.

We found them at Target. Their price is $9.99 per pack. So head over there if you want to get a hold of them!

Happy hunting!

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