What’s New at Walmart Today (Feb 2021)

Happy Monday, guys! Welcome to February! We hope you guys are staying safe and healthy so far.

We spotted some interesting new toys at our local Walmart and wanted to show them to you guys.

First off, Lego Minifigures Series 21 are now in stock everywhere. Back in January, they were only available online and not in stores at all.

As you guys can see, the box is now smaller since there are only 12 characters in the series, instead of 16.

We also saw some new Halo, Fortnite, and DC Spin Master figures.

There is a new Treasure X Dino Gold mystery box that looks interesting:

Last but not least, some new Mega Construx MOTU and Halo!

Mega Construx Skeletor and Panthor definitely looks interesting! Panthor is flocked (or fuzzy) and it looks like he has quite a bit of points of articulation as well.

Maybe we will get 1 and do a review for you guys soon!

Happy hunting!

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