Lego 30568 and Lego 30558 DOTS Polybags Review

Happy Friday, y’all!

We spotted some new polybags at our local Walmart and we thought they were so cool, so we bought them!

We are going to review Lego 30568 and Lego 30557 DOT Photo Holder Cube.

Lego 30568

This polybag is cool because it comes with 1 minifigure, 1 skateboard, and 1 car. And the price tag for it is $4.99. Totally worth every penny!

The cool part about this car is the fact that you can attach the skateboard to the back of the car.

Here is what the minifigure looks like:

The skateboard can also be held by the minifigure’s hand.

Lego 30557 DOTS Photo Holder Cube

Next, we have the Lego DOTS Photo Holder Cube. This is the first Lego DOTS that we ever bought. We saw the announcements a while ago and saw some of the products in stores but didn’t really pull the trigger until this one came out.

This polybag comes with A LOT of 1/4 circle pieces in 5 colors: white, aqua, dark blue, yellow, tangerine. The point of Lego DOTS is create your own creation using these small pieces.

The instruction only shows the steps until the cube is done. The rest is up to you (which is kinda cool)!

We did a cat face with some eyebrows and some other cool decoration patterns on the top, left side, and right side of the cube.

This cube is also a photo holder. There is a pink part at the back of the cube that essentially can hold 1 photo.

You can open the top of the cube, to reveal a storage where you can store all the small pieces you can use to decorate this cube.

Here’s an example of this cube holding a “photo”.

Overall, we really like these 2 polybags. I think they are worth the price ($4.99 each), and they are a lot of fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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