Keeppley Doraemon K20402 – Nobita’s Room Review

Happy Weekend, Doraemon fans! We found Doraemon construction toy sets and we are so excited to review one of them for you: Nobita’s Room set!

If you grew up watching Doraemon, you’d know that Nobita’s room is where everything happens. Let’s unpack this fabulous set by Keeppley.

The instruction booklet is very well done. It is easy to follow and the pictures are all accurate.

Here is what the set looks like when it’s built:

The figures have pretty good quality in terms of paint job and the quality of the plastic materials used. However, there is not much of playability with these figures as their points of articulation are very limited.

For Doraemon, only his arms can move (2 points of articulation). For Nobita, his head, arms, hands, legs can move (6 points of articulation).

Next, let’s explore Nobita’s room a little bit. There is a plate of dorayaki in the middle of the floor. If you are familiar with Japanese culture, you would know that a Japanese house is usually pretty small and each room can have multiple functions. In this case, this room serves as Nobita’s bedroom and also his study room.

Here is one of the coolest part of this room: the time machine!

Next, the bookshelf with the cabinet:

It is pretty disappointing that they didn’t include the closet where Doraemon usually sleeps in. It would have been a very nice feature for this set.

This is what the set looks like from the “outside”:

Another disappointing part to note is the fact that the Doraemon figure cannot actually hold a Dorayaki. Nobita figure, on the other hand, can. That’s pretty sad considering the true Dorayaki lover is actually Doraemon, not Nobita.

Overall, this set is pretty cool to collect and we hope Keeppley would make improvements on the minifigures.

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