Mattel Creation Mega Construx Tesla Cybertruck (Currently SOLD OUT)

Happy Friday, toyNerds!

If you have been paying attention to the latest trend, then you probably have seen the hype about Mattel Creation’s collaboration with Mega Construx to create Tesla Cybertruck.

The release date was October 13, 2021 and the price tag for this set is $250. Unfortunately it is currently sold out.

Here are some pictures that show some of the fantastic details of this set (credit: Highsnobiety).

The details of this thing are just amazing. They even included the cracked windows!

If you remember back when Elon Musk introduced the Cybertruck, he smashed a rock into the window of it and it actually cracked.

Now, we think that was a genius marketing strategy, because the video went viral very quickly and pretty much in an instant, everyone knew about the Cybertruck!

The pictures above showed that Mega also has some parts similar to Lego Technic.

We hope that you guys are able to get this awesome set. We are bummed that we missed out on it, but hopefully other stores will have them in stock.

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