Sembo Block Christmas Santa House Review

Happy Monday, everyone! It is pretty unbelievable that Christmas is just around the corner! We hope you guys are ready for it and already have something special prepared for your special people.

Today we will be reviewing a new set by Sembo Block that was out just before the holiday: Christmas Santa House!

What’s Included with the Set

This set comes with Santa (with hair and the Santa hat), some accessories, a reindeer with the sleigh, a rotating Christmas tree (rotates with a crank), an igloo-like house (the Santa House), a snowman, and lots of gifts.

The LED Systems

This set is also equipped with 2 LED systems: 1 system for around the fences and 1 system for inside the Santa House. Let’s take a look!

The image above is what the set looks like when the LEDs around the fences are off. When the LEDs are on, here is what it looks like:

Each LED system is controlled by its own box.

The box that controls the LEDs around the fences
The box that controls the LEDs for inside the Santa House

The Exterior

The exterior of this set is pretty detailed and unique. The base plate is all white (for snow). On one corner, there is a bench with a lamp post near it. On the other corner, there is a Christmas tree that rotates via a crank, with lots of presents underneath it. Then there is a snowman just in front of it.

The fences are brown and it comes with a gate that can open and close.

The Rotating Christmas Tree

Check out the rotating Christmas tree images below!

The Snowman-Igloo Santa House and the Sleigh

Another unique aspect of this set is the Snowman-Igloo Santa House itself.

The build is pretty simple and the accessories (the scarf and the hat) are very nice add-ons that create the uniqueness of the build.

The Santa Sleigh is a simple one.

The Interior

Now here comes the fun part, the interior!

The interior of this set is pretty amazing. If you remove one of the glass pieces, you can see the inside very clearly.

Our favorite pieces from this set are definitely the Santa pictures that hang on the wall, and the clock.

As you can see, this set is so much fun to build, to play, and to look at!

We hope you enjoy our review of this set and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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