Little Tikes Minis Available at Amazon

Happy Monday, toyNerds! Hope y’all had an amazing weekend!

We found something cool on that you should check out: Little Tikes Minis!

Our world has been inundated with minis (mostly from Zuru 5-Surprise), so what’s another one, right? haha

This one is actually a little different. Each ball contains only 2 minis and they are all from Little Tikes brand of products. Each mini also comes with its own miniaturized packaging/box. Cool!

  • LITTLE TIKES: They’re familiar and nostalgic. Little Tikes is now in mini form!
  • NOSTALGIC: Travel back in time with these fun and ICONIC retro favorites from MGA’s Miniverse!
  • REUSABLE & BLIND PACKAGING: Each package comes with two Little Tikes Minis in their mini replica packaging and the mystery capsule it comes in is stackable and perfect for displaying your collection! Each capsule is blind so you won’t know which figures you get until you unbox them!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all 12 Series 1 Little Tikes Minis! Each figure fits in the palm of your hand and comes in their original package. Visit for the collector’s sheet so you can keep track of which Little Tikes Minis you’ve found!

They retail for $9.99 each on We have not found them at Target or Walmart yet.
Here is a quick link to the product page:

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