It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas at the Hallmark Store

Happy Friday, toyNerds! Hope everyone had a great week so far and is ready for the weekend!

We stopped by our local Hallmark store and were overjoyed by what we saw inside the store! Almost everything there was Christmas and they even started playing some Christmas music over the speakers!

We of course wanted to share what we saw…

There are so many cool things to see, from ornaments to wall hangings to Christmas trees!

Hallmark is definitely known for its ornament selection so there you go, a wall full of Christmas ornaments!

Toys for Tots are running their promotion as well, buy 2 give 1.

We saw tons of Christmas stuff from Disney, Star Wars, Santa, Peanuts (Snoopy and fiends) and many more.

If you live near a Hallmark store, we would recommend you visit it during this time of year!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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