Honest Review: Mega Construx vs. Lego

If you are a Marvel superhero fan, you are in luck, because I will be reviewing one of the most important characters of all: Iron Man! 🙂

Long before Lego acquired the licensing for Marvel characters, Mega Construx (or Mega Bloks at the time) actually owned the licensing rights to Marvel characters. Mega Construx managed to produce several sets of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Spider-Man, and also 3 series of Marvel Superheroes blind bags.

Let’s start with Mega Construx Iron Man Mark II minifigure, from Mega Bloks Iron Man Hall of Armor set.

I am a fan of both Mega Construx and Lego, as I think each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few pictures of Iron Man minifigures, from Mega Construx and Lego.

The Iron Man Mark II minifigure was not available on any other sets or blind bags, therefore it’s considered a rare minifigure.

Mega Construx Iron Man Mark 2

One of the key strengths that Mega Construx has is that its minifigures have multiple of points of articulation. The arms and legs, even the body, can move with certain degrees of freedom. Also, Mega Construx minifigures look more proportionate and realistic. I would say the weaknesses of Mega Construx are: the plastic material they use is not as high quality as Lego’s and the minifigures can’t interchange parts in a way that makes sense like Lego minifigures can. Also, I am not a fan of how the head piece/accessories can’t be separated from the actual head (helmet and head).

This Iron Man minifigure was from Marvel Mega Bloks Blind Bag Series 1 and was considered common, as there were 3 of them in a full box of 24.

Check out the details on the Iron Man mask. The print job is excellent! No bleeding paint whatsoever.

Next, let’s do Lego Iron Man Mark 45 minifigure.

Lego Iron Man Mark 45

As you probably know, Lego is very well-known for its high quality. As you can see in the pictures, the print job is just excellent on this minifigure. Furthermore, the plastic quality just looks more solid and shiny.

I love the fact that you can open the mask and reveal Tony Stark’s face.

In terms of strengths, Lego definitely has the upper hand with interchangeable parts/accessories (like the Iron Man helmet below), solid/higher quality plastic used, and superb quality print job on the minifigures.

As far as weaknesses go, Lego minifigures have less points of articulations when compared to Mega Construx’s minifigures. Furthermore, in order to maintain consistency with other Lego parts, Lego minifigures can sometimes look disproportionate when compared to the actual character it’s depicting.

Even for the Iron Man helmet above, the print job is precise and high quality

All in all, I love both brands as each has its own uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses. What do you guys think? Which brand do you guys like better? Comment below!

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