Lego 71026 DC Super Heroes Minifigures Series 1 the Bat-Mite Review

In January 2020, Lego released a brand new series of minifigures: Lego DC Super Heroes Minifigures Series 1. Some of the characters might be exclusive to this series (as in not available in any sets), so we think it’s a worthwhile investment to add to your collection.

Our favorite character from this series is the Bat-Mite. Not only his costume is unique, but his accessory is also pretty interesting (a DC comic book).

Take a look at the printing on the head. It has a Batman shape eye-glasses. Pretty cool! The cowl is also unique, in that one side is bent and one side is straight.

We just love the details on this comic book accessory!

We managed to get a few of these. We looked at Target and Walmart nearby and none of them have these in-stock yet.

What do you guys think? Which character is your favorite?

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