Lego Harry Potter Minifigures Series 2 Mini Review (Favorite Characters)

Lego Harry Potter Minifigures Series 2 is now available at Target stores everywhere and we managed to get 2 of our favorite characters from the series: Albus Dumbledore with Fawkes the Phoenix and Luna Lovegood with a lion hat accessory.

Albus Dumbledore and Fawkes

We really like the details that are printed on the robe and the hat.

The head piece comes with 2 faces, but it is really hard to see the difference when the beard piece is on.

Face print #1
Face print #2

Without the beard though, you can see the differences.

We also really like Fawkes the phoenix! The details are pretty cool. Check out his hair at the back!

Luna Lovegood with a lion hat accessory

Next, we have Luna Lovegood. She comes with a blonde hair piece that is not shown anywhere in the checklist. We got a little confused when we were feeling the blind bag looking for her!

She also comes with 2 faces: smiling and not smiling.

Her lion hat accessory is pretty unique. The print job on it is pretty intricate.

There are 3 different colors on it and it’s pretty cool looking!

What do you guys think of this series? Which ones are your favorites?

Happy hunting!

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