Mega Construx Pokemon Series 13 Character Distribution Ratio

Mega Construx Pokemon Series 13 is now available and we were able to spot a full box of 12 today. That gave us a clue as to what the distribution ratio looked like.

As you can see, there are:
– 2 GYK52 Snivy
– 3 GYK53 Oshawott
– 2 GYK54 Tepig
– 2 GYK55Lillipup
– 1 GYK56 Krabby
– 2 GYK57 Zubat

No doubt, Krabby is the ultra rare one for this series as there is only 1 in a full box of 12.

Here are the closeup looks for each Pokemon:

It’s rather disappointing that Zubat is re-included again in this series. Zubat was originally a part of Mega Construx Pokemon Series 1.

Have you been able to find them yet?

Happy Hunting!

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