Mega Construx Masters of the Universe (Series 2) Review!

Mega Construx Masters of the Universe’s latest minifigures are now available and we managed to get the full set.

We are not entirely sure what series this is as the packaging does not specify a series number. However, we believe this is series 2, after series 1 which consisted of: Skeletor, Prince Adam, Evil-Lyn, Stratos, Moss Man, as shown below.

Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Series 1

This new series consists of: Fisto, Stinkor, Teela, Evil-Lyn, Faker.

It’s rather disappointing that Evil-Lyn is included again in this series. Though she comes in a different color, she looks very similar to the earlier series’ version.

We definitely think Teela and Stinkor are pretty unique from this series, which is why we are going to review them exclusively.

First, let’s look at Teela:

She comes with several cool accessories, including: a shield, a snake head, a snake staff.

We think this minifigure is very well done! Look at how detailed and beautiful it is!

Teela is definitely one of the best figures from this series!

Next, let’s look at Stinkor:

Stinkor comes with a gun and a shield. He does have a vest that is removable.

He is pretty unique too, and as always, we love how Mega Construx minifigures are so detailed and amazing!

We hope you guys are able to find this new series at your nearby stores! Happy hunting!

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