We Found Magic Mixies Mixlings Shymma!

We have been pretty lucky lately and we are so excited to share it with you guys! We found Magic Mixies Mixlings Shymma!

Mixlings Shymma is the limited edition character from the Crystal Woods series. It can only be found on a single collector cauldron.

Let’s check out what this character is all about!

First off, the Crystal Woods series does not have any indicator on the cauldron anymore. The little emblem on the cauldron does not do anything.

This series also introduces the new potion mix that you pour into the top of the cauldron, add some water, and wait until it dissolves the paper layer on the top.

So after all that is done, we finally confirmed that we did get Shymma!

Shymma is a very colorful character, with a very fluffy and colorful tail.

As usual, she comes with the Congratulations card (as did Zindle).

If you haven’t seen what Zindle looks like, we have a review for it here. We also posted our review of Zindle on YouTube:

Now back to Shymma. While Zindle has all the bells and whistles on it (batteries and all), Shymma is different. The secret lies in the wand this time.

The wand basically shoots out UV light that can reveal hidden patterns on Shymma’s body.

Pretty cool, right?

We did a full video review on our YouTube channel as well, so you can check it out here:

Watch the video as it has a secret that will assist you in your hunt for this very hard to find limited edition character!

Thanks again for reading and have a great weekend, everyone!

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