Spin Master Bat-Tech Batman 4-inch Action Figure with 3 Mystery Accessories Review

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!

Today we are going to review this new line of toys from Spin Master that not only is super affordable ($7.99 each), but also really great quality: Spin Master DC Heroes with 3 Mystery Accessories.

They started to come out in stores some time last year. We would love for Spin Master to have a Marvel line too. Hopefully that can happen sometime in the future!

On the DC line, Spin Master has created some fantastic figures so far. The figure is approximately 4 inches tall and it comes with 3 mystery accessories.

Let’s take a look at Bat-Tech Batman, that turned out to be a RARE one (based on the checklist, more on this down below)!

The packaging is pretty simple, but interesting. The back part opens up, to reveal a 3-part compartment, where the mystery accessories are stored.

The figure comes with 11 points of articulation.

The checklist looks like this:

The earlier versions of this Spin Master DC Batman series, would show the checklist at the back of the packaging (which we like). Now, we have to open one up to get the checklist.

Our figure is the 2nd one from the top and it is considered RARE (the red block).

What do you guys think? Would you add these into your collection? Comment below!

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