Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 15 Character Ratio (Box Distribution)

Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 15 is now available. This series has some interesting characters, such as: Agent Locke and Light of Sanghelios, and a repeat character from Series 3: Decimus.

We spotted an almost full box the other day (it was missing 1 pack).

Each box should contain 21 packs. Below are the breakdown:

  1. HDP48 Agent Locke: 4
  2. HDP49 Spartan Linda: 4
  3. HDP50 Ramos (ODST): 4
  4. HDP51 Decimus: 4
  5. HDP52 Light of Sanghelios: 5

Disclaimer: We should clarify that since this box is missing 1 pack, we are not 100% certain if Spartan Linda is 3 in a box, or we have other characters with 5 in box similar to Light of Sanghelios.

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