Lego Minifigure Factory Beta Program Review

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For those of us in the US, Lego launched a Minifigure Factory Beta Program on for a short period of time.

Typically, the Lego Minifigure Factory is only available at select Lego stores throughout the country. It is a very popular program among Lego fans. It requires reservation in advance (to pick a certain date and time slot) and can only be done inside the Lego store.

So what is Lego Minifigure Factory? It is basically a program that allows you to design your own minifigure. That’s right, you can put whatever you want on the body of the minifigure, and they will print it for you. It is pretty much design your own Lego minifigure!

The Beta program that launched in the US through was essentially the same thing, only it can be done online!

We are not sure what the experience is like at the Lego store, as we tried to get in before but the line was too long and we didn’t have enough time to do it.

For the online experience, here are the components that you can pick for your minifigure:

  1. Hair piece (limited in color and style).
  2. Head with face (also limited to only 1 face, and the options are pretty limited).
  3. Body (this is where you can design what you want to put on the body, front and back).
  4. Leg piece (limited in color and was only available in solid color with no patterns).
  5. Accessories (also very limited in what’s available to choose from).

The MSRP is $11.99 plus shipping.

It does come in a nice packaging though. Let’s take a look!

Here are the contents:

And here is what our minifigure looks like:

The front design shows our 3 biggest passions: toys, music, photography! The back design shows our catchphrase “What Do You Collect?”

And for the accessory, we picked was the laptop computer.

What do you guys think of our minifigure design? Were you able to get in to this Beta program before it was over?

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