Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Tossin’ Leo Review

If you have been to your local Walmart or Target lately, you might have noticed that some of the classic TMNT lines have started to appear and gone the next day. That’s right, in our recent experiences, we would see these TMNT figures on a Tuesday and by Wednesday or Thursday, they are all completely gone!

The latest one that we found was the Pizza Tossin’ figures. This lineup consists of Pizza Tossin’ Leo, Pizza Tossin’ Mike, and Pizza Tossin’ Raph. You might ask, why is Pizza Tossin’ Donnie not there? Well, we have the same question…. lol.

These Pizza Tossin’ Turtles figures were first released in 1994 and they are being re-released in 2023 (as in the case of the other TMNT characters).

Let’s take a closer look into this cool figure.

The Packaging

The packaging for this figure is thicker than usual (because of the pizza shooter).

As you can see from the back, there are only 3 turtles that are getting re-released. Sorry, Donnie!

The figure also comes with an instruction manual.

The Figure and Accessories

The figure feels slightly bigger than the normal TMNT figures. Pizza Tossin’ Leo comes with 2 weapons and 6 slices of pizza (we put 1 inside the shooter already).

As usual, the details on the figure are pretty decent.

Not sure why they made the eyes pop out so hard like this…

The Shooting Mechanism

The shooting mechanism is pretty simple. It doesn’t require a battery, but rather, it uses springs action. First, you load up all the pizzas through the hole in the back (you can do up to 6 at a time!). Second, you use the right arm to flick the pizza out through the pizza shooter.

The strength and the speed of the pizza shooter is pretty decent. You can definitely knock down some targets with it.

As you can see from the picture below, when you have 6 pizzas inside, you are maxed out.


This figure comes with less points of articulation than the usual TMNT figures. It only has 7 points (the neck, the arms, the wrists, and the legs). Compared to the TMNT Ninja Elite Series (which we did a review for here), it is pretty low.

Overall, this is definitely a cool TMNT figure to collect. The price point for this is $14.99.

Thanks for reading!

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