Mega Construx Halo Universe Series 2 Blind Bag Codes, Feel Guide, and Full Review

Howdy, toyNerds! We hope everybody is having a great day going into the weekend!

Today we will be looking at the full lineup for Mega Construx Halo Universe Series 2 Blind Bag. Yes, we finally managed to get all the characters!
We will also give you the code for each character, along with the feel guide because sometimes Mega updates the codes mid release. Our hope is that it will help you on your hunting journey.

The character names for this series are:

  1. UNSC Marine — Common
  2. Promethean Soldier — RARE
  3. Spartan Warrior [Gen 2] — RARE
  4. Flood Infection Forms (6 of them) — Common
  5. Grunt Minor — ULTRA RARE
  6. Spartan EOD [OG] — Common

Now let’s take a look at each of them individually!

UNSC Marine (335297TC)

What it looks like straight out of the bag:

Feel Guide: feel for the rifle (NOTE: be careful as the Promethean Soldier also has a similar rifle. The rifle for Promethean Soldier has a little nubbin, however, so you could use that to differentiate between the two)

6 Flood Infection Forms (222200TC)

Feel Guide: this one is probably the easiest to identify because these creatures are made out of rubber (pretty cool!). So if you feel the bag is mushy and squishy, then you’ve got these guys. They also come in 3 different colors, with 2 characters for each color.

Grunt Minor (224201TC)

What it looks like straight out of the bag:

Feel Guide: this one is also pretty obvious as its body is a different shape than the other characters. You can also feel for the 2 blue weapons.

Another cool thing about this one is the fact that you can remove all the armor pieces from him.

Spartan EOD [OG] (222202TC)

What it looks like straight out of the bag:

Feel Guide: Feel for the 2×2 square piece (it says XBOX!) or the short weapon.

Check out the detail on the helmet!

The code for Promethean Soldier is 214298TC and the code for Spartan Warrior [Gen2] is 210299TC. The feel guide for these characters is to feel for the rifle.

The complete review for those 2 RARE characters is here.

Here is a group picture for all of them. Say cheese! 🙂

That’s all for now, folks!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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