New NECA TMNT Characters Spotted in the Wild!

Happy Friday,, toyNerds! There are new NECA TMNT characters that have been spotted in the wild, mainly at Target.

Based on the inventory of each set, we kinda determined which ones were rare/hard to find and which ones were common.

Let’s take a look!

First off, it’s Chakahachi and Lotus. This one has got to be the rare one as there was only 1 of this on the shelves, while the rest had 3 or more.

Next, it’s Dirk Savage and Mona Lisa. This one is the 2nd rarest, as there was only 2 of them.

Then we have the common ones.

There were also the individual characters such as Triceraton Zog, Man Ray, and Deadman.

Have you guys spotted these NECA collectibles in the wild?

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