Magix Mixies Mixlings the Crystal Woods Collector’s Guide

It’s been a hot week here in the USA and we are thankful it is almost Fall season. This summer has been beautiful and hot at the same time (yes, we are trying to be positive and not complain about the things that we cannot control…). It is mid August already and we are excited to share with you the brand new Magix Mixies Mixlings the Crystal Woods Collector’s Guide (checklist)!

As usual, there are 4 rarities scale: common, rare, ultra rare, and limited edition. There is 1 creature that is categorized as Limited Edition from this series. Its name is Shymma and it is only available in the Collector’s Cauldron. This series also has 40+ mixlings to collect.

The different families from this series are:

  1. Glowlings
  2. Lucklings
  3. Aqua Chanjas
  4. Loxies
  5. Flutterfliers

We had a really hard time finding Zindle from the Powers Unleashed series (if you haven’t seen it, we have the full review here), so we are expecting that Shymma is going to be hard to find as well.

What characters are you guys most excited about?

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday!

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