The Secret Life of Lego Bricks + Lego Pogo Stick Review!

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We have something special for you today: we will be doing The Secret Life of Lego Bricks + Lego Pogo Stick Review!

The Secret Life of Lego Bricks by Daniel Konstanski was a Lego crowdfund project by Unbound that was launched in 2020. It took about 2 years from the launch of the project until the book was published.

During the crowdfunding phase or the campaign phase, the project offered many different rewards levels that people could choose to support the project.

We chose the rare Lego minifigure and the accessory as our rewards.

Let’s take a look at what this rare Lego minifigure looks like. First of all, they only made 500 of these Lego minifigures. Therefore, technically, this Lego minifigure is rarer than some of the famous rare Lego minifigures such as: Lego Mr. Gold (5,000 were made) and Lego C-3PO Chrome Gold (10,000 were made).

The minifigure looks pretty simple. However, what’s unique about this is the Lego Pogo Stick. When they were shipped from Unbound, they were placed in a baggie.

The Lego minifigure has double printed head.

The Lego Pogo Stick is the first Lego 3D printed element that is ever made by Lego.

You can put the minifigure on the Lego Pogo Stick and it actually bounces too! This unique element is definitely something new that Lego has never done before (a Lego spring without the usual spring coil).

We did a full review on our YouTube channel as well. You can watch it here:

Hope you guys enjoyed learning about this unique Lego minifigure and its 3D printed element. Thanks for reading!

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