Sembo Block 7-11 Review

I recently purchased this Sembo Block 7-11 and I was not disappointed! The details on this set are incredible!

From the cute milk carton, miniature soda cans, to the window display of the store, they all look so good.


The fridge has a door that can be opened from the outside.

The only downfall of this set, is the fridge. Instead of using other bricks to support the shelves, they use the soda cans themselves to support every layer of the shelving. So you can’t really take out the soda cans without disassembling the shelf.

I am a huge fan of the soda cans though. They are pretty clever: instead of saying Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or Sprite, they are Ceca, Popsi, and Spitre. Lol.

Check out the poster on the window and the gumball machine behind the glass.

From the back, you can see all the shelves inside the store, the cash register and some fruit baskets on the floor. Can you spot the security camera behind the cashier?

The rooftop features a seating area with umbrellas, a table, and 2 chairs on each section.

I just love the incredible details of the set itself, the unique miniature things that come with it (the orange juice, milk carton, soda cans, croissant, etc.), and the 3 minifigures.

Overall, I would give this set a rating of 4.5/5.

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