Mega Construx No Longer at Walmart Stores?

It has been almost a month now that I have been noticing something strange at Walmart stores everywhere (I travel quite a bit and yes I go to Walmart stores when I travel…lol).

It seems like Mega Construx products are slowly getting phased out and I am not sure why. Target still has them for sure but I can’t find any at Walmart anymore.

As you probably know, usually Mega Construx are placed right behind Lego’s shelves. But they are no longer there.

The usual spot for Mega Construx sets

Usually, the Pokemon Mega Construx would be located here:

But as you can see, there were none there!

At least I spotted the new Lego Minifigures Series 19 at this Walmart…

What about where you guys are? Are you seeing the same thing?

2 thoughts on “Mega Construx No Longer at Walmart Stores?

  1. Yep. Just started buying the Halo mega construx line up and found out they are absolutely no where to be found in my area (I live in a town near central FL). Target had the Halo Clash on the Ring Series minifigures but that was it. Gone. I remember a couple year back the whole aisle was lined up with Halo and Call of Duty sets, now there no where to be found. Odd.

    1. I think Mega Construx struggles with distribution a little bit. It is always a hit and miss whether or not we will find the newly released Mega Construx toys at Walmart or Target lol.

      The new Predator vs. Dutch is pretty cool and I was able to find them at Walmart.

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