Lego Minifigures 71025 Series 19 Review Part 1

Lego Minifigures 71025 Series 19 was officially released on September 1, 2019 and most stores have them in stock now (Walmart, Target, Amazon, Lego Shop at Home, etc.).

I managed to get all my favorite characters from this series and I will do a quick review on them.

First off, the Fox Costume Girl! She comes with a grain sack and a chicken. The fox head piece is pretty unique and Lego has never done this mold before.

The tail piece can be pointed down or up.

Next, we have the Monkey King! He is a pretty intricate and detailed minifigure, in my opinion. I love all the paint job on his body. His arms come in 2 different colors and he comes with 2 faces as well. The hair piece is pretty unique in that it has the hair and the ears.

The smiling face

And just like the Fox Costume Girl, his tail can also be pointed up or down.

The not smiling face

Next, we have the Pizza Costume Guy! The pizza costume piece is the same piece as the Watermelon Costume Guy from Lego Movie 2 Minifigures Series, only painted differently.

I like the pizza tile that he is holding

I will continue the review for the next 3 minifigures. Stay tuned!

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