XINGBAO Blocks The Music Room Review

Back in June, I did a review of Sembo Block 7-11 set. You can find the link here:

There is another brand that produces good quality bricks called XINGBAO Blocks that I am also a fan of. They have a very nice set that depicts a music room or a band room, with a piano, a drum set, and a DJ set.

Though the set is pretty small and simple, it is actually pretty detailed.

I will unpack each component individually and show you pictures of each of them. First, we’ll start with the piano. I love how simplistic this piano is. However, if you look closely, it has the foot pedals at the bottom! How cool is that?

Foot Pedals!

Next, it’s the DJ machine. Check out the vinyl record pieces and the boombox!

Next up is the piece we have been waiting for… drum roll please… it’s the drum set! (See what I did there?)

The drummer and his drum set…

With all the instruments out of the “room”, this is what it looks like:

Check out the wall art and decoration!

Overall, I really enjoy this little set as it is pretty detailed and fun to build and play with!

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