Cute Lego Baby in Costumes for Monday Blues…

Happy Monday y’all! It’s a start of a brand new week, which means new opportunities, new uncertainties, and new hope!

To help you get in the right mood, I have prepared some cuteness, just for you: Lego baby in costumes!

I guess this is also fitting, since Halloween is just around the corner…

What about a Lego baby with superheroes suit? Sure!

Lego introduced these Lego baby minifigure when they came out with Lego Minifigures Series 16. It was a babysitter with a Lego baby with a ratio (box distribution) of only 3 out of 60!

Since then, Lego has come out with several sets that have Lego babies in them, such as: Lego 60202, Lego 70847, Lego 853865.

Lego 60202
Lego 70847
Lego 853865

I personally think the Lego baby is a cute minifigure…

Hope y’all enjoyed the cuteness!

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