Mega Construx TMNT Raphael Mutagen Canister (DXF14) Review

Happy Memorial Day 2020, toynerds!

Today, before we head out for a grill out involving social distancing, hot dogs, New York Strip steaks, lamb chops, chicken satay, and some veggies, we are going to do a quick review of this awesome TMNT Raphael Mutagen Canister figure from Mega Construx.

This set comes with a lot of cool accessories, among which: the famous TurtleCom, cute mini turtle, Raph’s twin sai’s with brown and silver coloring (talk about awesome details!), a 2×4 picture, a sewer cap, a rubber mask, etc.

Look how cute the little turtle is! This figure is very detailed and very articulate as well!

The rubber mask is awesome and easy to put on/take off.

It’s really too bad that Mega Construx stopped producing the TMNT line. In our opinion, the Mega brand really did an AWESOME job with all the characters. From the blind bags to all the sets, the TMNT line from Mega Construx is really a great quality collectibles!

We of course will review other TMNT characters/sets, so stay tuned!

Have a great Memorial Day celebration!

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