Lego 71029 Minifigures Series 21 Review – Part 1

Lego 71029 Minifigures Series 21 is supposed to be available on January 1, 2021, but it has been quite difficult to get them at Walmart and Target.

If you want to get them online, and have them in stock. However, that would mean you wouldn’t be able to feel the blind bags for the characters that you want.

We managed to get them at our local Lego stores. However, due to COVID-19, they didn’t allow us to feel the blind bags. But we were lucky enough to get some of our favorite characters from this series!

First off, the Ladybug Girl. She is definitely one of the unique characters from this lineup. Her helmet is the same helmet that Bumblebee Girl from Series 10 wears, only this one is painted red. She comes with a leaf and 2 ladybugs.

The wing piece is also unique and she comes with 2 faces.

Next, the Shipwreck Survivor. This one is unique because of the message in the bottle and the hermit carb that come with him. His right arm also has a tattoo, which we thought was cool!

The blind bag comes with extra pieces for the hermit crab.

Next, the Centaur Warrior! She is definitely different than the rest of the minifigures we have seen so far. Her upper body is a normal human minifigure body but her lower body is a horse.

She comes with an apple, a bow and arrow, and a quiver.

Last one for this post is the Cabaret Singer. The most interesting piece for this one is the head piece.

She comes with some accessories: 2 mics and 1 mic stand. She also features 2 faces.

We are still hunting for the Beekeeper, Pug Costume Guy, Airplane Girl, and Violin Kid.

We will do another review when we get them.

Stay tuned! And happy hunting!

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