Sembo Block Gramophone Bluetooth Music Player Review

Happy almost Friday, toyNerds!

Today we will be reviewing a unique set from Sembo Block: Gramophone Bluetooth Music Player! This is essentially a Bluetooth speaker that is made of bricks.

There are several things that we love about this set: the gold and silver brick pieces, the cute decal, and of course, the Bluetooth speaker itself.

The decal is the good quality kind, that is, the one that works like printed tattoos (instead of stickers).

The set comes with 5 bags, 1 Bluetooth speaker, 1 USB charging cable, and 1 instruction manual.

The Bluetooth speaker has 3 buttons: power, volume up, volume down. It has 1 USB port for charging.

The build is pretty simple but interesting.

The front part opens to hold your cell phone. Take a look!

One of the drawbacks of this set is the fact that the USB charging port is covered by bricks. There is no easy way to charge this Bluetooth speaker without having to remove some parts first.

Another drawback is the parts they used for the 3 buttons. For us, the power button doesn’t really work well because the part doesn’t hit the power button accurately.

Overall, this is a fun set to have and pretty easy to build.

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