The Lego Store November 2021

Happy Sunday, guys! It has been a while since our last post. We have been busy with family and holiday stuff.

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting us.

Just yesterday, we visited the Lego store in our area and we are going to share what we saw there, in this post.

As you might have expected, many of the Christmas Lego sets are currently out of stock, both online and in store. Sets such as: the Santa Sleigh, Santa’s Visit, and the Elf Clubhouse.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of other cool sets that are available!

We especially enjoyed the displays that they had at the store. Take a look!

The Lego Home Alone seems to be a huge hit as well this Christmas. The store only had 1 in stock and we saw this guy carrying it out with such a happy face 😁.

The Pick a Brick wall is always fun to see.

It was good to see so many sets are in stock and ready for the shopping season! Hopefully the supply chain issue that’s been happening lately won’t affect Lego a whole lot.

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