Lego 60310 City Stuntz Chicken Stunt Bike Review!

Howdy, toyNerds! We hope you had a great Christmas with your family and friends!

Today we will be reviewing the newly released Lego City Stuntz set: the Chicken Stunt Bike.

This particular set is so popular that it was sold out everywhere for a long time (it is most likely due to the chicken suit guy that comes with this set).

We found it at our local Target and it was sold out the next day.

The cool thing about Lego Stuntz is the technology that they use to make the bikes go “automatically”.

Let’s take a look.

This set retails for $7.99, which is not bad for a set that comes with 1 minifigure and 1 vehicle.

The minifigure comes with a hair piece and a chicken helmet. It has 2 facial expressions.

Now let’s look at the bike itself. The bike’s rear wheel is not detachable and it is where the “zoom technology” lies. It basically is like a gear box that allows the wheel to zoom for a short period of time before friction causes it to finally stop.

This set is definitely worth getting!

Hope you guys are able to find it at your local stores!

Happy hunting!

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