Snap & Switch TMNT Construction Set Pizza Parlor with Mikey (with Pizza Launcher) Review

Happy New Year, toyNerds! Hope everyone is ready to kick start the new year with renewed drive, hope, and of course, toys! 🙂

Today we will be reviewing something new that we haven’t seen before: Snap & Switch TMNT Construction Set Pizza Parlor with Mikey.

Honestly, we were super bummed out when Mega Construx stopped producing TMNT sets a few years back. In our opinion, Mega Construx did an amazing job creating the TMNT sets with super articulated figures and fun building sets (sorry, Lego).

Now we have this new brand called Snap & Switch that must have picked up the TMNT license.

Well, let’s take a look!

The packaging is pretty good, as in the box feels sturdy and they actually use a legit seal tape instead of just a scotch tape to seal the box (sorry, Mega brands).

The set comes with 1 minifigure, 1 instruction booklet, 1 sticker sheet, and the pieces to build the set.

The stickers are pretty good quality stickers and the block pieces are decent quality as well.

Here’s what we found from this set: the instruction booklet doesn’t show where the stickers should go! So we followed the image from the box, but that’s about it. We had to figure out where the rest of the stickers would go. You will see what we meant later on in this post.

Let’s take a look at the minifigure. It is a pretty good minifigure. The plastic quality is good and the paint job is really good too. Take a look at the side prints and the back prints. Michelangelo’s head band is made of rubber (good!).

The only improvement to make is where the leg piece and the torso piece meet. It is pretty loose and not very snug at all.

Next, let’s take a look at the pizza parlor itself. The build is pretty easy and straight forward. One unique feature from this set is the pizza oven that is also a pizza launcher.

The knob at the back side is for pushing the pizza that is in the oven. Pretty cool!

The pizza oven as shown above, is a unique piece that can hold 1 pizza in place. Using the knob that is attached behind it, it can push the pizza and launch it pretty far.

As we mentioned earlier, there was no instructions for the stickers. So we had to improvise and placed the stickers where we thought they should go.

Overall, this set is definitely worth buying and playing with.

This set retails for $4.99, by the way. Can you guess where we found it? Comment below!

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