The Lego Store Disney Springs Visit

Happy Friday, toyNerds! It’s been a while since we posted, but we have a good reason for it.

We were on vacation! And what does a family of toyNerds do when we are on vacation? Look for the closest Lego Store we can visit, of course…😄.

We visited the Lego Store at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida. We were so glad to see so many people out and about!

The Lego Store at Disney Springs is definitely one of the must-see and must-visit stores. The line to get in the store was pretty long too. It took us about 20 minutes to finally be able to enter the store. The sign did not lie!

This Lego Store is one of the biggest stores that we have in the US.

Near the entrance, there was a cool painting made with Lego.

Upon entering the store, we were greeted with mosaic paintings of Disney Princesses.

They also have more Lego displays than the average Lego stores.

One of the coolest things at this Lego Store is the Minifigure Factory.

The Lego Store associate told us that there are only 5 Minifigure Factory in the US, and this location is 1 of them.

The special feature of the Minifigure Factory is the ability to create a custom body for a Lego minifigure. You can design whatever you want and the factory will print it on the minifigures body piece. Pretty cool!

We wanted to get one, but the wait time was 3 hours! Yikes! So we left without getting one.

We definitely had a lot of fun at the Lego Store.

Pick a Brick wall is also pretty cool!

There you have it, guys. Hope you enjoy this article. Have a great weekend!

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