Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Battle Cat vs. Roton

What’s up, toyNerds? We are back with a new review of another Mega Construx MOTU set: the Battle Cat vs. Roton.

We did a review of another Mega Construx MOTU set (with She-Ra) earlier this week. Check it out here:

This set comes with 2 minifigures: He-Man and Mer-Man, Battle Cat with armor, and the buildable Roton.

The interesting aspect about this set is Battle Cat.

He comes with removable armor pieces for the head and for the body.

The head and the body has nubbin holes for where the accessories sit.

Battle Cat has 8 points of articulations, including the tail. The front 2 legs have moveable paws, while the back 2 legs do not.

He-Man also comes with unique accessories: a breast plate and an axe.

Next, let’s take a look at Mer-Man:

Mer-Man is pretty intricate. His breast plate and face are pretty detailed.

Next, let’s take a look at Roton:

Check out the eye pieces of this build. They are not stickers, which is good! Actually most Mega Construx sets that we have reviewed, don’t have pieces with stickers so far.

Roton has 2 guns that can actually shoot the brick as a bullet.

The bottom mechanism is cool. When the wheels turn, the blade turns also (just like the box says!).

Overall, we really like this set because of the playability aspect of it, the cool minifigures that come with it, and of course, because of Battle Cat!

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