Magic Mixies Mixlings the Crystal Woods Review and Codes

Earlier this week, we posted the collector’s guide for Mixlings the Crystal Woods series. Today, we want to give you guys a closer look at the Mixlings that we got in this Magic Mixies Mixlings the Crystal Woods Review. Let’s dive in!

The 2 Mixlings that we got were both of the same family: Lucklings. These are the ones with rotating sphere on their abdomen. The tagline for these creatures is: cast a spell to reveal your lucky fortune!

We got Bary on the left (RARE) and Cupidee on the right (COMMON).

Cast a spell on its head and we got:

Next, let’s take a look at Cupidee:

Cast a spell on its head and we got:

These Mixlings are definitely cute and worth collecting. We just wished that they would have some points of articulations to increase their playability. For example: it would be cool if the head and arms could move…

Oh 1 more thing, here is the Mixlings code (located at the bottom of each Mixlings Collector’s Cauldron) for what we got:

Mixlings Bary (RARE): LY1304223

Mixlings Cupidee (COMMON): LY1304023

What do you guys think? Would you guys collect these Mixlings?

Thanks for reading!

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