Mega Construx Pokemon Series 8 Ultra Rare: SANDSHREW

A couple days ago, I posted the character ratio for Mega Construx Pokemon Series 8 in a full box. Did any of you guess correctly as to which character was considered Ultra Rare (only 1 in a full box)?

That’s right, it is Sandshrew!

Today, I will be reviewing this Ultra Rare character to give you a better look on this character.

This character is pretty simple and the unique pieces are: the face plate, the ear piece, the legs, and the tail pieces. The arm pieces are the standard Mega Construx Pokemon parts, only in tan color.

The ear piece is interesting

The upper part of the tail piece can swing up/down while the bottom part of the tail piece can swing 360 degrees.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this review!

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