Lego Minifigures 71025 Series 19 Review Part 2

About 2 days ago, I did the part 1 review of Lego Minifigures 71025 Series 19 which covered: the Monkey King, Fox Costume Girl, and the Pizza Costume Guy. Feel free to check it out here:

Today, I will be reviewing the rest of the characters that I find very interesting from this series.

Let’s start with the Shower Guy! This character is interesting because of his towel covering his bottom (ehem…), his brush, and his rubber ducky. The shower cap is pretty cool too, I suppose.

He comes with 2 faces as well: the blushing face and the smiling face. The rubber ducky is green, instead of the usual yellow color for a rubber ducky, which I think is due to the skin color of the Shower Guy that’s already yellow. So Lego was smart about it and made it green instead to give a good contrast.

the blushing face
the smiling face

The towel can be removed and it will expose a leg part with bubbles.

It would have been cooler if the back part was painted with bubbles too…but it wasn’t…oh well…

Next, we have the Jungle Explorer. I honestly like this one, simply because of the chameleon that comes with it. There really is nothing special about the Jungle Explorer itself…

Oh, the magnifying glass is a real magnifying glass, btw!

Check out this cute chameleon! I am a big fan of how detailed the chameleon is, considering how small it is! I had a bit of a hard time trying to photograph this little guy to show the details on his body.

Next, we have the Dog Sitter. She is pretty similar to the Jungle Explorer in that she is only interesting and unique only because of the accessories that come with her: the 2 dogs and their doodoos… lol.

I am not entirely sure what breed they are. I think they are French Bulldog and Dachshund?

I am definitely a fan of these 6 characters from this series, due to the various reasons that I described above.

What about you guys? Which characters are your favorites? Comment below!

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